Let's talk with Jim-san.on RD.

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Let's talk with Jim-san about the regulation.

Let's talk with Jim-san. Part15
Let's talk with Jim-san.on HK.

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4 EROyVmNwwM ★ 2010/01/25(月) 18:49:51 ID:???0 <a href="javascript:be(405803243);">?2BP(111)</a>
We want to hear the opinion of manager Jim-san.

The log of sales and obtaining the kiddie porn was disclosed.
There were an fixation IP address and a cellular phone in disclosed information.
We discussed this problem by the following threads.
PINK報告人制度 質問雑談スレ 1

The restriction system has BBQ and BBM.
These restrictions pinpoint with the fixed IP address,
the account of p2 and Serial number of the cell phone.
2ch apply BBQ and BBM to the vandal, in the case of above condition.

The request is possible also by the vandal to PINK.
May we request BBQ and BBM?
We hear the opinion of Jim-san.
And, it is esteemed at future work.

PINK報告人制度 質問雑談スレ 1

これらは固定IPとthe p2と携帯電話のピンポイント規制です。


5 Iphone3gs ◆RnPZYQR9l19H @Apparently admin ★ 2010/01/25(月) 20:07:20 ID:???I
Do I have to look up each individual user of p2
I think on a case by case basis it is ok.
In the past I have reported these and was given
prompt professional response by the 2ch team.
Are you asking if it is possible to duplicate that
system and run it as pink channel's own BBQ and nvm
system? I have never been offered that.

6 EROyVmNwwM ★ 2010/01/25(月) 20:59:02 ID:???0 <a href="javascript:be(270535924);">?2BP(111)</a>
> Are you asking if it is possible to duplicate that
> system and run it as pink channel's own BBQ and nvm
> system?

We think that we want request in 2ch.
I think that it is difficult to make the system in PINK now.
I think that it is better to rely on people of 2ch.

7 RobinHood ◆enUEIWqQt2 @Apparently admin ★ 2010/01/25(月) 23:21:37 ID:???0
Yes that is what we have been doing, and 2ch has treated our requests very professionally
and I appreciate that. I hope we can continue to do that, when there is a problem.

8 陀@解除御意見番 ★ 2010/01/26(火) 02:29:05 ID:???0
PINK is using resource supported by 2ch's technology.
That's too bad for us if miss it.
It's exactly, we don't think so.

Let me explain about that.
This is no usual way of restriction.
Under the condition not to result in restriction, the exchange info. of the childish porno are doing in PINK right now.
PINK excludes childish porno as the deletion object.
When not adequate with the deletion,It's better regulate the connection by restriction system.
And if it access from fixed IP address and cell phone,best way is regulate using BBQ.
It is not 2ch and when PINK elucidates log, BBQ can not be requested.
So make the road that leads to BBQ on this way somehow.
How do you think? please give us a suggestion JIMsan

9 EROyVmNwwM ★ 2010/01/26(火) 08:28:24 ID:???0 <a href="javascript:be(1014507465);">?2BP(111)</a>
Manager's Jim-san had been requested before.
It is thought that it is desirable that we also do the request work.
I think that it is necessary for this that we obtain the manager's approval.
Could Jim-san do approval to this idea?

10 RobinHood ◆enUEIWqQt2 @Apparently admin ★ 2010/01/26(火) 14:32:26 ID:???0
Yes, you have my permission.
ども ありがとう ございます。

11 EROyVmNwwM ★ 2010/01/26(火) 20:17:15 ID:???0 <a href="javascript:be(1352676858);">?2BP(111)</a>
Thank you.
We work carefully.


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